Protection with Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Maurice, LA

Cat and dog vaccinations provide needed protection against highly contagious, sometimes lethal animal diseases. In fact, through the use of responsible vaccinations, many debilitating pet illnesses have become much less common. Although this is fantastic, it wouldn’t continue if owners didn’t keep their pets' vaccinations up-to-date. At Maurice Veterinary Clinic, we work with pet owners to recommend both core and lifestyle cat and dog vaccinations for the most ideal protection in Maurice, LA.

a dog with a stethoscope around their neck

Core Cat and Dog Vaccinations We Offer in Maurice, LA

Your pet’s health is the most important concern to us at our animal hospital in Maurice, LA. Therefore, we follow core guidelines used by the greater veterinary community in addition to administering other essential dog and cat vaccinations. Due to our location in Louisiana, it’s important that dogs are vaccinated against the Leptospira bacteria. Though it can be found in soil, many incidences have revolved around water and warm climates. Like rabies, leptospirosis can be spread from animals to humans. Cats in our area require the same additional protection as dogs. Since kittens are at a heightened risk of contracting feline leukemia, we consider vaccination against it as essential.

Core dog vaccinations include:

  • Distemper-parvo combination vaccine with boosters to follow.
  • Rabies

Core cat vaccinations include:

  • FVRCP protects felines from three highly contagious diseases.
  • Feline leukemia (FeLV) is spread between cats in close contact or through bites.
  • Rabies

Lifestyle Cat and Dog Vaccinations for the Most Protection

Our expertise doesn’t stop at your pet’s core dog or cat vaccinations. Because some pets are at an increased exposure risk, we also administer lifestyle vaccinations. Does your pet travel to other parts of the country? Are they ever boarded, or do they play their cares away in dog parks? Well, they may be a good candidate for lifestyle protection we offer at our animal hospital.

a cat and dog under a plaid blanket

For cats:

  • We offer testing for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). If you have a multiple cat household, it's wise to test any new additions before they enter your home.

For dogs:

  • Different parts of the country have seen outbreaks of canine influenza. If you travel with your dog or board them, they will likely benefit from this protection.
  • Bordetella, or kennel cough, protects dogs from this bacterium causing upper respiratory concerns.

Ready to Have Your Pet Vaccinated in Maurice, LA?

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