a puppy wearing a stethoscope around his neck

Cat & Dog Diagnostics Imaging in Maurice, LA

At Maurice Veterinary Clinic, we're fortunate to have advanced diagnostic capabilities at our disposal. When we quickly diagnose medical conditions, the sooner we're able to treat pets, such as dog sickness, and large animals. Since our diagnostic equipment is completely in-house, we're especially capable of analyzing test results to give you answers sooner.

Our equipment includes digital X-rays, laboratory testing, and ultrasound. If you suspect your pet has underlying illness, is ready for a complete wellness care exam, or you need a second opinion, we will likely use diagnostic tools for the most accurate diagnosis.

Digital X-rays

We often think of X-rays as only being used for indicating bone fractures, but their capabilities are so much more. From diagnosing gum disease and tooth decay to indicating certain organ diseases, digital X-rays are a truly useful diagnostic tool. Furthermore, they take nearly no time to process. So, we're able to analyze images and provide you with answers sooner.

Some of the conditions digital X-rays diagnose:

  • Liver, kidney, and heart disease can be diagnosed by looking at the size, shape, and location of organs.
  • Bladder or kidney stones are apparent.
  • Actually, any bowel or urinary obstruction can be seen.
  • Certain tumors can be diagnosed.
  • Inflammation from arthritis can be seen.
  • Lungs can be analyzed for signs of infection, tumors, or allergies.
veterinarian looking at animal x-ray


While our ultrasound machine comes in handy to help us determine the size of litters, it helps us in a variety of ways. Above all, ultrasonography gives us the capacity to diagnose any abdominal issues, like dog sickness, in pets and large animals. Using sound waves that bounce off internal abdominal walls, ultrasonography portrays live images. Consequently, anything from how litters are positioned to abdominal cysts and tumors is apparent. Whereas digital X-rays have advanced capabilities, ultrasonography gives us a precise analysis of internal abdominal issues.

Dog having an ultrasound

In-House Laboratory

We're truly fortunate to have a full in-house laboratory at Maurice. Whether you need a puppy or kitten dewormed or you need rapid test results for equine infectious anemia, our laboratory is fully equipped to handle your needs.

If your pet suffers from allergies or contracted ear mites, they're at risk for secondary skin infections. These infections are bacterial or fungal based and can only be indicated by cytology (cellular analysis). We use our laboratory to analyze skin scrapings to prescribe pets with the appropriate medications.

Furthermore, advanced blood analyzers check for any underlying conditions before surgery and illnesses senior pets are more likely to develop.

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