cows in a pasture at sunset

Farm Vet Near Lafayette, LA Offering Services for Cattle, Pigs, Horses and Goats

As a full-service animal hospital serving animals large and small, we see a variety of bovine animals at Maurice Veterinary Clinic. Whether you're herding cattle, tending to pigs, or raising goats, let our skilled veterinarians take care of your farm animals. With fully mobile equipment, including an ultrasound machine, our services include routine exams, surgeries, and reproduction. Call now and learn more about our farm vet service in Maurice, LA

Routine Herd Health

Herds of cattle require regular veterinary care, and we easily bring routine services to you. If you live in Maurice or a surrounding area, please contact us for mobile veterinary care. Our doctors are happy to travel up to a 20-mile radius from our practice. Some of the routine services we provide include:

  • Testing for trichomoniasis (Trich testing)
  • Testing for and vaccination against Brucellosis
  • Branding, dehorning, and castration

Bovine Reproductive Services in Lafayette, LA

Please contact us if you'd like a breeding evaluation or other reproductive service for your farm or bovine animal. Some of our reproductive services include:

  • Pregnancy dystocias
  • Delivery and C-sections
  • Fertility treatments
  • Reproductive palpations

Contact us today to schedule a farm call! Our friendly team is happy to answer any of your questions and tell you more about our bovine and cattle services. We look forward to greeting you!