Equine Vet Near Lafayette, LA

We're a full-service, mixed animal hospital at Maurice Veterinary Clinic in Maurice, LA. As such, we offer comprehensive equine services, but also because we just plain love horses. Our skilled, experienced doctors are happy to come to you if you're within our service radius. Otherwise, visit us for state-of-the-art horse care. Our equine vet services include reproduction, lameness examinations, and joint injections.

We offer equine veterinary services for the surrounding areas around Maurice including Lafayette, Abbeville and Haltom City, LA.

Equine Vet in Maurice, LA

Equine Reproduction Lafayette LA

Whether you have a pregnant mare or you're interested in artificial insemination, contact us about our reproductive services for horses. Furthermore, we offer advice and counseling on raising and caring for foals. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help with your reproductive goals.

Our horse reproductive services include, but are not limited to:

  • Infertility treatment
  • Ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy
  • Pregnancy care and check-ups
  • Labor and delivery

Lameness Examinations Near Lafayette LA

If you suspect any lameness in your horse, we can help. Our doctors will thoroughly examine your horse to locate the precise location of lameness, make recommendations and determine a treatment plan. During an examination, be prepared to discuss your horse health history and exercise regimen in order to help us determine possible causes. As much as noting health history is important, our doctors will examine your horse's gait and look at how they bear weight as well. Additionally, joint injections may help localize the source of unknown lameness.

Joint Injections Near Lafayette LA

Since the source of lameness pain in horses can often be hard to pinpoint, joint injections can be especially useful in this case. When nerves are blocked in joints, we're able to locate the source of your horse's pain. Additionally, joint injections may be used to administer anti-inflammatory medications. If you're concerned about your horse's ability to run or jump or you'd like to maximize their performance, joint injections may be helpful. Contact us for more information today!

Equine Soft-Tissue Surgery Near Lafayette LA

Using advanced surgical and diagnostic equipment, our doctors perform a wide range of soft-tissue surgeries for horses. If your horse has abdominal tumors or a hernia, our mobile ultrasound equipment can come to you. Also, our doctors regularly perform castration and other routine equine services. Ask us for more information today!

Equine Vet in Maurice, LA