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Coggins Test in Maurice, LA

Because of the incidence of equine infectious anemia (EIA) in Gulf Coast states and the danger the viral disease poses, the state of Louisiana requires yearly testing.  Schedule to have your horse tested and inquire about our many other equine services!

Why Testing for Infectious Anemia is Important

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates testing for EIA because of how contagious the disease is. Furthermore, a horse may carry the disease but show no symptoms and proceed to infect other horses, donkeys, or mules. The potentially lethal virus attacks the immune system of horses, causing anemia, secondary infections, and possible organ damage from inflammation.

Symptoms of Infectious Anemia

If your horse shows any signs of EIA or has been in contact with any horse who tests positive, contact us immediately. The symptoms of EIA include:

  • Fever
  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Infections, such as pneumonia
  • Small, pinpoint-sized lesions on mucous membranes
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More Equine Services We Provide

If you're visiting us for quick Coggins test results, take advantage of our many equine services, too. Our skilled doctors are happy to perform a physical and oral exam as well as offer arthritic relief with joint injections. Some of the Equine services we offer:

  • Reproduction, including fertility evaluations
  • Lameness examinations
  • Hernia repair and other soft-tissue surgeries